ground source heating

Ground Source Heating

We provide specialised drilling services for all types of ground source heating projects including drilling, manifold and pipework installation as well as specialised thermal response tests for loop design. We undertake drilling for single and multi borehole projects, for both domestic and industrial clients.

We work alongside accredited MCS GSHP installers to combine the best overall drilling and installation package.On completion our ground loops are pressure tested before grouting to ensure their integrity. Our connected pipe work is likewise pressure tested and certificated before the addition of the heat transfer fluid ready for connection to the ground source heat pump.

All GSHP loops and connected pipework are installed with electro-fused couplers and materials to ensure the highest quality installation and compliance. We are able to install both closed and open loop systems.


  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • The electricity used to power the system provides approximately 4x its energy output
  • Investment in renewable energy and sustainable heating system
  • Huge saving opportunities
  • The system is reversible – producing cool air in the Summer
  • Provides more constant temperatures compared to air-sourced schemes.
  • Tried and tested technology