Water Wells

Geotechnical Ltd has extensive experience of installing commercial and domestic boreholes,water pumps and filtration systems.
We offer national coverage and work to all UK guidelines for the installation of water boreholes for the safe use of water abstraction and drinking.

Our services include:

  • Hydrogeological prognosis
  • Borehole drilling
  • Water treatment and filtration services
  • Pumps, parts & supplies
  • Well remediation & repairs
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Environmental monitoring


There are a number of benefits from having your own supply:

  • Save up to 90% of your water usage costs
  • Capital costs quickly recouped – typically 3-4 years
  • Any daily abstraction of less than 20,000 litres is free from licensing
  • Control of your own supply which is independent of any water authorities
  • Borehole water is purer and chemical free because it does not have to travel through long distance pipework from reservoirs or rivers
  • You will have a sustainable supply and water pressure is unaffected by drought conditions an hosepipe bans
  • Your borehole is not affected by mains supply problems and expensive leaks
  • All materials used are of the highest quality and WRAS & DWI approved

Installation Methodology


You will provide us with a post code or location of where the well is to be drilled and an idea of your water use and volumes required. Our in-house geologist will identify from his maps the underlying strata and the potential for success. Other references including previous drilling logs will give some guidance as to the depth, quantity and sometimes the quality of water beneath the surface. Alternatively, you may wish to use the services of an independent hydrogeologist to perform this work. On receipt of the water borehole prognosis we will provide a written quotation for the installation of your waterwell, ancilliary equipment and any pumping tests required.

Site Visit

Once we know there is likely to be water beneath the surface our engineer will visit to establish the best location with reference to ease of access to existing services and drilling equipment.

Drilling and Testing

Provided you are happy with us and our quote we will mobilise the drilling equipment to site to begin drilling your borehole. This generally takes no more than a week, in which time the rig will be set up, the borehole drilled and then lined with PVC liner. Following drilling and liner installation the borehole will then be airlifted. This cleans the hole and gravel pack of any unwanted debris and also allows us to quantify how much water is available from the borehole. We will also take a sample which will be sent away for analysis.

Pump installation and header works

Once the quality and quantity of water is known the correct pumping set can be installed. This may include treatment such as softeners or UV sterilisers. The borehole itself and much of the control gear will be hidden away in a discrete concrete chamber leaving little surface evidence of your well. Borehole supplies can be connected to feed straight into your existing mains network after the mains supply has been isolated.

How much can you save?

Installing your own water supply now will drastically reduce costs ensuring a sustainable future.

For example, assuming an annual water cost of £10,000, not only can you expect to reduce this annual cost by 90% but also the initial cost of installation could be recovered in only 18 months.